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Watch Kismet Videos Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others
without getting a few drops on yourself...Rumi

Please check our site periodically as we are in the process of
adding many new products to our Online Store.

If your goal is to provide your organization or client with a fantastic original fragrance, or to create an enduring memory for your special occasion, Kismet Potions can accommodate your desires. Whether we formulate 1 bottle or 10,000 bottles our objective is to capture the essence of every client in each bottle of your unique signature scent.

We all remember important events through scent. That's because our sense of smell is directly linked with our memory. Pumpkin pie, a lovers perfume, fresh flowers, bread baking in a warm oven...these are the elements of potent reminiscence. Creating a custom scent for your event is a powerful tool that will always link your blend with the occasion. This will provide you with the edge to make your affair the most talked about of the decade.

With over 15 years of custom scent design experience, Kismet Potions has created countless fragrance memories for our exclusive clientele. Under the helm of renowned Aromatic Alchemist and Natural Perfumer Kris Wrede, we will guide you in choosing the perfect accompaniment for your memorable event.

Kismet Potions creates exceptional custom fragrances for every area of your life using exotic aromatics. Our expertise and creativty will astound you, and you can give us suggestions that will most certainly amaze and excite us!

Here are a few ideas for your next part or event to whet your creative whistle:

Magical Dinner parties with and ancient theme (think Rome, Egypt, Morocco...) using exotic essential oil flavored food and custom scented fragrances for you home and will be the most talked about fete ever!

A personalized scent for you, and gifts your wedding party and guests , anniversaries, birthdays, bar or bat mitzvahs, baby showers, parties, art or any other “happenings”, corporate events or any occasion.

We create an exclusive “signature scent” for your very own Perfume Launch Party.

Signature Potion hands on workshops teach how to make a customized Signature Potion. A perfect complement for romantic spa and resort weekend retreats, spa days for bridal parties, and girls get away weekends.

Summer Camp and School hands on workshops in Medicine Making, Perfumery, Skin Care, Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Cooking.

What sets Kismet Potions apart is just that: potions. All of the products are made using ancient traditions and ancient ingredients that are unparalleled. They are all concoctions to be used with intent and presented to support you in leading a more passionate life.

Many of these same compounds were used throughout history for spiritual, aesthetic, medicinal, emotional, physical, romantic and sensual purposes.

We specialize in the exotic aspect...hence exotic aromatics and unusual essential oils and absolutes such as Cocoa Bean, Zdravetz, Clementine, Fir Balsam, South African Rooibos Red Tea and Pink Grapefruit, Kashmir Lavender, Black Pepper from Madagascar and countless more.

Kismet uses all natural plant based essential oils and absolutes that are organic, ecocert, non sprayed or wild harvested. These are better for your skin and more effective for emotional and physical balance, better for the environment, and much less prone to allergies and sensitivities than chemical based fragrances.

Plant-based oils are more compatible with your body chemistry. They merge with your inherent allure and create a more subtle aroma. Each batch of all of our products is made by people not machines, and is hand blended to assure the strictest quality.

We have over 15 years experience in custom scent design, specializing in obtaining the most rare, precious and exotic essences from around the globe.

Give us a call ANYTIME at 505.275.6508 to set up an appointment to view
our product line or to have a product custom blended just for you!

albuquerque, new mexico     phone 505.275.6508      email

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